Premium Performance



FAST XFI 2.0  Utilizing the latest technology, FAST XFI 2.0 units can process, analyze, and adjust four times quicker than previous EFI systems. The C-Com XFI Windows-based software is easy to navigate and features field-flashable capabilities, so you can download the latest software updates via email or directly from us. These XFI control units also feature Qwik Tune for programming without a laptop. Pre-program up to four different EFI maps--optimize a setting for your daily driving, one for racing conditions, and still another for fuel economy. You'll enjoy on-board diagnostics, EZ Test indicator lights, 5-bar MAP sensing and controls, plus enhanced data-logging capabilities and memory

* Progressive Wet/Dry Nitrous Control; Up To 4 Stages
* Stores (4) Switch-Selectable Tunes
* Up to 16-injector control option
* Built-in wideband O2
* Up to 16-injector control option
* Fully sequential and/or bank-to-bank capability
* Individual cylinder correction 
* Fan and fuel pump control 
* Dynamic scaling of vectors in 2D and 3D tables 
* Torque converter lockup control 
* Air conditioning wide-open throttle cutout 
* Boost control 
* Fuel and oil pressure logging 
* Adjustable injector timing 
* Multiple ignition strategies

Advanced Forced Induction, Power Adder & Race Controls
The Advanced Forced Induction, Power Adder and Race Controls include two separate, fully programmable sequential rev limiters for staging or boost building with six options for activation, four priority assignments and a user selectable sequential or random mode for rev limiting. The Advanced Forced Induction Controls include a time based boost controller, user selectable fixed VE and/or fixed timing for boost building and staging repeatability. Newly expanded Progressive Power Adder Controls include configurations for both wet or dry applications; separate tables for power adder solenoid control and fuel control for perfect dry power adder tuning; user adjustable solenoid pulse frequency for optimum solenoid controllability; choice of fixed target air/fuel or standard air/fuel table for correction; and a dry power adder fuel delay in milliseconds for correcting rich spikes on activation. No other system matches the power and adjustability of XFI 2.0

Self Learning Auto Tuning VE Table
The Self Learning Auto Tuning VE Table is a new automated process option that makes for quick and easy fuel mapping with the XFI 2.0™. However, this option can be turned off should the user prefer to do the tuning manually. The self learning mode can also be used to speedily and accurately populate a base tune and then turned off for more fine tuning or custom control by the user – it’s all up to you when and how you want to use it. The C-Com® software features enable conditions to turn it on/off automatically and also has an overall enable/disable feature. Requires suitable PC for use.