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Anywhere racers use a torque converter you’ll find a Neal Chance Converter Customer winning rounds, setting records and taking home championships. In our quest to beat clutch cars to the stripe in all forms of racing, we’ve developed many firsts in the field such as the first Bolt Together Torque Converter, the first Billet / Steel Converter, the First All Billet Aluminum Torque Converter and just recently, the first All Billet Lock Up Torque Converter.
Premium Performance Race Cars is Neil Chance official dealer in Europe since 2015 year

This winning advantage is why we say “If you don’t have a Chance, you don’t stand a Chance”. From ADRL Pro Classes to Saturday Night Grudge Racing, those that are interested in the absolute lowest ETs turn to Neal Chance for the winning edge.

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Street Performance Converters
NCRC Street Performance Converters are ideal for use behind a High Performance Muscle Car or Truck that is intended primarily for street duty.
Unlike other converter companies that sell an off the shelf, one size fits all street performance converter, NCRC Street Performance Converters are 100% custom built for your application so that we can carefully match the stall speed to what your vehicle needs
Prices starting at 550 Euros



Welded Racing Converters
NCRC’s Weld Up Racing Converters set the standard for product quality and performance in the racing industry. You can’t buy a stronger or more well built converter, anywhere, for any price. 
Available in 8", 9" and 10" models for almost any configuration and custom stall speed desired. NCRC has drive options to fit ANY racing transmission on the market today – including many "yet to be released" drives.
Prices starting at 1300 Euros




Bolt Together Racing Converters
NCRC introduced the Worlds First Bolt Together Torque Converter over 20 years ago, and we’ve continued to refine it making it stronger and more efficient every year!
By making the Pump and Drive Covers removable, you can make changes to your converter at home. Want to change the stator at the track? You can! Smoke the clutches in your transmission? Clean
it out at home without shipping it back! 
Available in 8", 9" and 10" models in many different configurations and stall speeds including an Aluminum Drive Cover Option. NCRC has drive options to fit ANY racing transmission on the market today – including many "yet to be released" drives.
Prices starting at 2350 Euros


Billet Aluminium Racing Converters
The very latest in Racing Torque Converter Technology. Up to 17 lbs lighter than steel, the Full Billet Converter is the one used in the World’s Fastest Doorslammers.
Available in 8″, 9″ and 10″ models in many different configurations and stall speeds. NCRC has drive options to fit ANY racing transmission on the market today – including many “yet to be released” drives.
How much performance improvement will you see? Of course a lot depends on what you’re replacing. This converter may be as much as 17 lbs lighter than a competing product, and it’s 6 lbs lighter than the NCRC steel/aluminum bolt together model. That’s a lot of rotating weight!! We are getting feedback from some saying it’s worth around a tenth in the 60′ and more in the quarter!
Prices starting at 6475 Euros


Billet Blower Converters
We now have a NXS option available for Blower cars that is just awesome! If you’re running a blower car, make sure to ask about this upgrade for the Full Billet Converters.
Prices starting at 6775 Euros


Full Billet Lock-up Converters
The latest innovation from Neal Chance Racing Converters is the Full Billet Internal Lock Up Racing Converter.This unique new converter was a top secret joint project between NCRC and Rossler Racing Transmissions, but the cat is out of the bag now! During 2014, this converter captured ALL the Turbo World Records and ALL the Pro Nitrous Records in PDRA!!!
It works either with Rossler’s TH400 Based Transmission such as the 210 Series 3 speed, 2 speed TurboGlide or Bruno Drive. The Lockup Converter offers far more durability than a “Dry” clutch, with the ability to last an entire season in a 3.70 Nitrous car with no wear!
Prices starting at 8900 Euros